I am Gord and this is my back room

Gord’s Back Room web site is a work in progress. Here’s some information:

Gord’s Back Room, is a humble wee record shop located in the back room of the bong shop, “Smoke In The Water”, at 2227 Dundas Street West at Roncesvalle. We feature vintage vinyl, but also tape, cd and books. Gord’s got 40 years of record retail and buying experience at A&A’s, Cheapies and Vortex, amongst other cool Record retail and distributing outlets. We like to have fun. We love music.

You can call 647-348-0334 and ask the nice people in the bong shop if you can speak to Gord.
2227 Dundas Street West,
Toronto, ON M6R 1X6
Head through the nice bong shop toward the back.
12-7 Monday-Wednesday.
12-8 Thursday-Saturday.
12-6 Sunday.

Questions? Email: bluffspider@yahoo.ca